Flakboy 1

Flakboy , a blue alien, who is afraid of a duck and runs through a weapon test performed by the player, the game requires correct placement and the correct choice of each of the items provided in order to have the maximum impact on damaging the alien and winning the game.

Controls to play
The controls in the game are very simple, there are no movement of the character or the use of keyboard involved. The items and weapons provided in the bottom menu can be moved and placed accordingly, by using the mouse. The


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The objective of the game is to inflict as much damage as possible to reach the target point displayed. The more the damage dealt to the blue alien, the more chance of earning bonuses. The weapons provided need to be used within the budget limit and for which the weapons are to be chosen wisely as the cost of the weapons used in every level would have an impact on the budget of the next level.


The stage in which the game starts off, is a weapon testing site, where the players may test a variety of weapons provided against Flakboy who serves as a crash test dummy. The stage has a grid like texture, which can be useful for players to make an accurate measurement of the items placed. There are no changes in the stage set up or environment in any level.

There are a total of eight levels, with each level the target amount of damage that has to be dealt to the alien in order to win increases, the budget amount increases as you profit from the previous level


Weapons and upgrades

There are a total of six different type of weapons, each with additional upgrades which occurs later in the game. The upgrade of the weapons do not affect the base weapon, which means that the base weapon may be used as well as the upgraded ones. The weapons provided in the game are given below:

Damage Master Lite:It is a small deadly homing rocket that explodes on contact, the weapon isn’t usable until level 4 and there are two upgrades that is provided in level 6 and 8 which are –

  • Explodinar 555
  • DeathSeeker D-lux

Foot Blaster: It is a land mine which explodes upon contact. There are three upgrades which occurs in levels 2, 4 and 7, they are –

  • Blastastic B50
  • MegaMiner 1000
  • LegEater M40

Wall Gunner:A gun that can only be placed in the walls or ceiling that shoots when a target is in its range. There are two more upgrades which occurs in level 3 and 6 which are –

  • DamageDealer B14
  • Destructor 34S

Pokingmon Lite: A set of hidden spikes that can only be placed in walls or ceiling, the spikes trigger on contact. It has two upgrades respectively available from level 5 and 7 which are –

  • Stabatrix 3000
  • LaserKill WD60

BouncingBoy66:A small platform which springs up when the target lands on it, causing it to bounce away. There are two upgrades taking place at 3 and 6 which are respectively –

  • BoingBastic 3GC
  • Propelatron 5510

FryBoy A1080: It is a deadly weapon which consists of high voltage electricity, which shocks the target when in range. The weapon is not available until level 7 and provides an upgrade in level 8.

  • The Skinnerator

Suitable for

The game consist of blood violence which may not be appropriate for ages under 16.




Flakboy 1
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